This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is handled in AmbiBridge and TPL Bridge for macOS.

We Collect No Personal Information Using Our Applications

We do not collect, use, save, or have access to any of your personal data recorded in AmbiBridge applications.

Individual settings relating to the Ambi Bridge and TPL Bridge apps are not personal and are stored only on your mac. You might also be asked to provide access to your network, but this is only to communicate with the Ambi Climate service or your local HomeKit network and/or TP-Link devices.

Ambi Bridge will require you to logon to your Ambi Climate account when you first launch. This is used to create and retrieve access credentials which are stored securely in your keychain on your own computer. Your login username and password are not used or stored by Ambi Bridge. We don‘t transmit or process that information at all and have no access to it.

Our Applications Comply with the Children‘s Online Privacy Protection Act

Our applications do not collect personal information from anyone, including children under the age of 13.


If you contact us via email or social network, we use that information only to best serve you. We do not share, collect your email addresses, private images or any personal information.