Harmony Bridge 1.0.4

Harmony Bridge 1.0.4 was released last week. There have been a number of bugs quashed since the 1.0.0 release in April.

In version 1.0.2 I added an indicator showing when a Hub connection is down. Sometimes Harmony Hubs reboot of their own accord, so it is useful to indicate the current connection status. At users requests, I also re-ordered the activities shown by HomeKit to match the order configured in the iPhone Harmony app.

A number of users had reported that Harmony Bridge was not able to find Hubs on their network. This has been significantly improved in version 1.0.4, by giving more time for slower hubs or networks to react to the discovery process, and also by adding a possibility to manually add hubs at a specific IP address.

I love to get feedback from users, positive or negative, and will try to take account of any issues or feature requests as I can. Just drop me a mail.

Crashing Bug on some systems [FIXED]

UPDATE 06/19: There have been no crash reports for a few months now, so hopefully this is behind us.

Harmony Bridge, TPL Bridge and Ambi Bridge have suffered from a crash on launch bug on some peoples systems. This seems to have been due to an incompatibility with older versions of Xcode installed on those machines. A workaround has been to delete or rename Xcode on those machines.

Version 1.0.1 of Harmony Bridge, Version 1.0.5 of TPL Bridge and Version 1.0.9 of Ambi Bridge are now released on App Store, and should fix that issue. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

HS220 Support ? [YES]

UPDATE: HS200, HS210 and HS220 switches should now work since TPL Bridge 1.0.6

I’ve had a few queries about HS220 switches in TPL Bridge. I don’t have one myself, as the device doesn't seem to be available for 240 volt regions. Anyone with TPL Bridge and an HS220 at home who is interested in trying out few tests for me please drop me a message.

TPL Bridge supports HS105

A user has kindly reported today that TPL Bridge works out of the box with the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug mini outlet HS105.

TP-Link just announced at CES that they plan to release a software update later this year to provide native HomeKit support which is great news. Until then, TPL Bridge will give you HomeKit support today. No news on HomeKit compatibly for other devices in the Kasa range, so TPL Bridge may still be needed for those. 


Ambi Bridge- Set Location

Thanks to the great folks at Ambi Climate for giving Ambi Bridge a road test. It looks like setting or changing the location is not so obvious to users. I will try to make it simpler in a future update.

For now let me explain the logic. HomeKit has a tendancy to forget room settings for accessories if there are changes to the bridge configuration. Consequently Ambi Bridge locks the location setting once it has been paired.


To change location, in the current version of Ambi Bridge, unpair from HomeKit, change location and pair again.