TPL Bridge

Control your TP-Link plugs and lights with Siri on your iPhone, Mac or HomePod.

This application bridges TP-Link Kasa smarthome bulbs and outlets with Apple HomeKit. With no configuration required, the App is very simple to use.

You need one or more TP-Link devices on your home wifi network and the app needs to run on a mac on the same network. TPL Bridge takes very little processor time or resources, but it does need to be running all the time. Note, that means if your mac is shutdown or goes to sleep, HomeKit will not be able to talk to your device until the Mac is woken again with TPL Bridge up and running.

The App creator has no affiliation with TP-Link, but is just an avid user.

Their devices can be found at

TPL Bridge will detect all your TP-Link devices configured on the local network. The TP-Link device can be switched on and off, and where supported by the device, brightness, color temperature or color.

It has been tested with HS100, HS110, LB100, LB110, LB120 and LB130, and is likely to work with most other devices in the series. Users report success with HS105, KP200, KP210, KP220s. Experimental support included for HS300 which may also work with HS107, KP200 or KP400 too. Iā€™d love to hear from you if you have any of those devices.

Please send feedback if you find a device is unsupported.



Simple to set up, just point your phone at your mac screen to pair with Home.


CONTROL from home

Once paired you can control all your TP-Link smart home plugs and lights from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac.



Use Siri on your Apple devices to switch devices on or off, or set brightness and color of lights.


Select Add Accessory in the Home app on your iPhone, and scan the QR code displayed by TPL Bridge to pair with your local Home.

The app must be left to run in the background to enable HomeKit to talk to your TP-Link devices. It takes very little space, cpu or memory.


Using Siri with TPL bridge

After adding your TP-Link devices to your Home, you can use Siri to switch your devices off and on, and set .the brightness and colour of your lights

Create scenes including your devices to easily setup the way you prefer. For instance create a scene called Movie Time with your lights set low, or Leaving Home to switch everything off.


What do I need to run TPL bridge ?

A mac running macOS Mojave (10.13), at least one TP-Link smarthome device device on your local wifi network and an iPhone, iPad, Home Pod and/or Apple Watch to control it.

TPL Bridge runs in the background, and takes up very little memory or cpu resources. The mac must be running all the time that you need access to the devices, which in most cases means 24/7.

Unpair from HomeKit, Quit and restart TPL Bridge, then redo the paring process. In the Home app you will need to reassign each device to corresponding rooms and add back to any scenes.

When unpaired, or TPL Bridge will spot any new device within 5 minutes, and it will immediately take in new devices when restarted. In the Home app you will need to reassign each AC to corresponding rooms and add back to any scenes.

One or two users have reported that TPL Bridge doesn;t see any of their devices. TPL Bridge uses UDP and TCP communication across the local network to discover and communicate with each of the devices. There are certain router configurations, or firewall/vpn settings on your mac which might block or restrictt that communication. Please make sure the mac has full access to the local area network.

Will you support HS220 switches ?

Yes ! Users report that TPL Bridge now works with HS200, HS210 and HS220 switches. I don't have any myself to test, as the device doesn't seem to be available for 240 volt regions. Please drop me a message if you have any issues.

Will you support multipoint outlets/powerstrips ?

I don't have any myself to test, as these devices don't seem to be available for 240 volt regions. Version 1.0.8 has been tested by a user with HS300, and should work with other multipoint outlets. Please drop me a message if you have one of those devices, and let me know if it works or there are still some issues to resolve.

What personal information is stored or transmitted ?

No personal information is stored or transmitted.

I get a crash at launch, what is this rubbish software ?

Version 1.0.4 and earlier have an incompatibility with older versions of Xcode installed on certain systems. Version 1.0.5 fixes this issue. If you are experiencing a crash on launch with 1.0.5 or later, drop me a mail from the contact page.

Why is your app so expensive ?

To put this question in perspective, the app costs less than the price of a beer in my home town...