Ambi Bridge

Control your AC with Siri on your iPhone, Mac or HomePod.

This application bridges Ambi Climate AC controllers with Apple HomeKit. With no configuration required, the App is very simple to use.

You need one Ambi Climate device per AC unit and the app needs to run on a mac in your home. Ambi Bridge takes very little processor time or resources, but it does need to be running all the time. Note, that means if your Mac is shutdown or goes to sleep, HomeKit will not be able to talk to your device until the Mac is woken again with TPL Bridge up and running. Ambi Climate also requires an internet connection too.

The App creator has no affiliation with Ambi Labs, but is just an avid user.

Their devices can be found at

Ambi Bridge will detect all your Ambi Climate devices you have set up when you log in to your Ambi Climate account. You can choose to bridge devices in one or all of your configured locations.

HomeKit supports three modes Cool, Heat and Auto, which by default correspond to Ambi Climate modes Away, Temperature and Comfort respectively. These assignments can be changed in the preferences.

Ambi Labs, Ambi Climate, and their respective logos are trademarks of Ambi Labs Ltd.

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Simple to set up, just point your phone at your mac screen to pair with Home.

With Homekit-2.png

CONTROL from home

Once paired you can control all your Ambi Climate linked AC’s from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac.

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Use Siri on your Apple devices switch AC’s on or off, set or read temperatures.


Select Add Accessory in the Home app on your iPhone, and scan the QR code displayed by Ambi Bridge to pair with your local Home.

The app must be left to run in the background to enable HomeKit to talk to Ambi Climate. It takes very little space, cpu or memory.


Using Siri with ambi bridge

After adding your Ambi Climate devices to your Home, you can use Siri to switch your AC’s off and on.

Create scenes including your AC to easily set the mode you prefer. For instance create a scene called Good Morning with your AC set to Auto. Ambi Bridge will then set your Ambi Climate to Comfort mode, with the phrase Hey Siri, Good Morning.


What do I need to run Ambi bridge ?

A mac running macOS Mojave (10.13), at least one Ambi Climate device and an iPhone, iPad, Home Pod and/or Apple Watch to control it.

Ambi Bridge can run in the background, and takes up very little memory or cpu resources. The mac must be running all the time that you need access to the AC devices, which in most cases means 24/7.

How can I change which Ambi Climate mode is enabled ?

Under preferences, the mapping from HomeKit mode to Ambi Climate mode can modified.

Can I control multiple Ambi Climate locations ?

Yes, before pairing, select All from the Locations menu if you have multiple locations set up in Ambi Climate, and want to control all devices from one Home. Once paired, you cannot change the Ambi Climate location. To change location in Ambi Bridge, remove Ambi Bridge in your home app, change the location setting and re-pair.

How do I remove an Ambi Climate device ?

First remove the device in the Ambi Climate app, then Quit and restart Ambi Bridge. In the Home app you will need to reassign each AC to corresponding rooms and add back to any scenes.

How do I add an Ambi Climate device ?

Just add it under the Ambi Climate app. Ambi Bridge will spot it within 15 minutes. In the Home app you will need to reassign each AC to corresponding rooms and add back to any scenes.

I get a crash at launch, what is this rubbish software ?

Version 1.0.8 and earlier have an incompatibility with older versions of Xcode installed on certain systems. Version 1.0.9 fixes this issue. If you are experiencing a crash on launch with 1.0.9 or later, drop me a mail from the contact page.

What personal information is stored or transmitted ?

An access token and credentials are retrieved from the ambiclimate website after you log on for the first time. Those are stored in your keychain on your mac under the name The app uses the token to communicate with ambiclimates servers. Your login details are not stored on your mac. Nothing is transmitted to the app author or their servers.